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Popularity of RSS feeds 09 Mar 2007

RSS feeds are gaining popularity so I've added a few more feeds on this site.

Because it is more than possible that a visitor won't be interested in every single post I make , feeds have been made for each "tag" category - see the tag cloud on the right. If you go to a tag like "photos" or "London" there will be a feed associated with it, indicated by the standard orange icon. So if you're into...


What is RSS? 26 Feb 2007

Really Simple Syndication is a web feed format that, similar to a normal webpage starts with "http://" but is an xml file . By subscribing to a website's RSS feed , you don't have to be constantly going to your favourite sites checking for new content. Instead the reader checks the feed for you and when it finds new content, it presents it to you. There are also certain benefits - the content i...

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