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Countdown to The Ashes 28 Oct 2006

Just under 4 weeks now until the first Ashes Test in Brisbane and the Australian propaganda machine is in overdrive! Remember, Ricky Ponting, what happened last time. Maybe they just can't help themselves. The Aussie cricketers seem to like a good taunt about as much as Jose Mourinho likes a good winge. Perhaps it's a sharp tactic. Low, but potentially effective. Sport is, as one of the america...

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Media mauling 20 Jun 2005

" Tested? What, like the thorough examination your bowlers give when spraying deliveries around so much their overs turn into 11-ball epics? Scary.

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Who is Ricky Ponting? 19 Jun 2005

Sunday, 12th June 2005 - One week into the tour
"Andrew Flintoff is the only England player who could force his way into the Australia side."

Tuesday, 14th June 2005 - After a 100-run Twenty20 defeat by England.
"It's a pretty important game for us now against Somerset and we've certainly got to try and get whatever we can out of that.
"By the time Saturday and Sunday come around there won't be an...

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