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(no subject) 15 May 2003

Maybe my jokes about the Sars situation were a bit bad. My parents are even getting their temperatures measured when they have to go out and buy stuff... Don't think they're using bras as face masks yet. Hey, that would've made a great money-making idea - sell a load of facemasks to the Taiwanese. I bet someone's done just that already... oh well!


(no subject) 27 Apr 2003

I went to an orientally themed birthday party over the weekend. Had predicted that someone would come in an anti-Sars face mask but apparently they're hard to come by now! All sold out. Did you know that Sars is so bad now that it's been promoted to being called Acute Respiratory Syndrome Epidemic...?

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(no subject) 08 Apr 2003

We have this intranet messageboard thing at work telling us about various things we need to fix. Today there was one that said, "Some of the plumes of smoke in the ***** demo are completely black for no obvious reason and the explosions have solid lines coming out of them when very close together..." First I thought "Not another thing to fix..." but then it dawned on me that actually mucking ab...


(no subject) 30 Mar 2003

Got back to Heathrow from Taiwan last night. Didn't get DVT, didn't get SARS and didn't get much NAP! This was perhaps partly because I did actually have a bit of a cough and agitating my nervous neighbours with spluttering fits was quite amusing. But I'm shattered now. I see this whole SARS business has finally made the news over here. Loads of people were wearing face masks on my flight with ...

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