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Han Shot First 15 May 2006

This tedious debate can finally end! The original Star Wars dvds are going to be released.

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(no subject) 09 May 2005

Here are some reviews of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith .

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Attention! Star Trek fans 22 Dec 2002

If you're a Star Trek fan looking for the website of the new movie Nemesis you've come to the wrong place. This is Nimisis. I called it this because I think it sounds cool, not because I can't spell... like you. This is probably a better film though - Star Wars in 5 minutes.

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(no subject) 01 Oct 2002

Presenting the largest Lego set of all time, measuring 37" by 23", comprising 3104 pieces and included with it its own display stand, I give you - the Imperial Star Destroyer. How am I going to resist buying it?
Update! - And on the same theme here's a site for lego mechs.

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