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For sale in Surbiton 07 Jul 2008

I'm eBaying a few large items that are pick up only from Surbiton . Have a browse and get in touch if you're interested!

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Mixed outdoor volleyball in London 15 Apr 2008

There's a mixed outdoor volleyball meetup organised for this Saturday afternoon in Surbiton. Get in touch if you want to come along!

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Council tax up again above inflation 19 Mar 2007

Got my council tax bill for the year in the post today and surprise, surprise it's gone up by 5%. That's about double the rate of inflation. As if Surbiton residents aren't already paying the most council tax in UK! Knowing Kingston Borough Council they'll probably waste it on pointless things like magazines nobody reads and more iPlus information points. I've never ever seen anyone use one of ...

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Surbiton Plaza 25 Feb 2007

to move in... I'm just curious as to exactly how serious...