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Ang Lee 14 Dec 2007

Taiwanese director Ang Lee was on the radio today promoting his new film "Lust, Caution". It was a good interview, at least, it sounds like it went a lot better than one he had with Stewart Lee, soon after "The Hulk" came out...

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Buying Wii in Taiwan 15 Mar 2007

The Nintendo Wii is only just coming out in the land of my birth, Taiwan, and they're going crazy over them judging by what I've been hearing. Over on this side of the world they're still pretty hard to get hold of, but Amazon UK did have them for a relatively long time this evening. If you missed out, sign ups are still available for my UK and US in-stock notification services...

Wii, Taiwan

Double Tenth Day 10 Oct 2006

Chinese communities around the world are celebrating Double Tenth day today, which marks the start of the Wuchang Uprising of October 10, 1911, that led to the collapse of the Qing dynasty.

Double Tenth Day, Taiwan

(no subject) 19 Aug 2004

Another archery medal was stolen off Chinese Taipei Taiwan by a Brit today... the cheek!


(no subject) 15 Mar 2004

An election is about to happen in Taiwan this week. Anyone interested in Taiwanese bollotics can understand more from here.

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Mahjongg 13 Mar 2004

Mahjongg's a new game I learnt whilst in Taiwan. When I say Mahjongg I mean the 4-player version which is also a kind of Chinese rite of passage, not the solitaire kind. I'd hinted to my mum in the past that I wanted to learn how to play but had assumed that this had fallen on deaf ears. I was wrong. A trip last month to my aunt's place was, unbeknownst to me, all about an opportunity to teach ...

Mahjongg, Taiwan

Why did SClub7 split up? 08 Mar 2004

While I was on my jolly to Taiwan nimisis crashed. And since then I've noticed that a "david butler" search on google no longer yields nimisis in, well, probably the first million hits. I'm quite disappointed by this result. Before I used to get a fair few cyber questers seeking "David Butler" or "download hives" or "stag night na*ed photos". I'd like to stress the latter two for no logical rea...


(no subject) 29 Feb 2004

Have pretty much recovered from jetlag now. Got back home after 3 weeks in Taiwan early on Thurs. Was all ready for two full days of work before an epic sleep, but was not quite prepared for the cold front...! I was working on my tan when I left Taiwan! But it's good to be back. I seem to have spent most of this year away from home so far...

Taipei is my hood after all, and naturally, since I wa...

Taiwan, jetlag, pearl tea

(no subject) 29 Jan 2004

I've got to go see this exploded whale when I'm in Taiwan next week...

Taiwan, whale

(no subject) 17 Aug 2003

Two and a half months since my last post... but I'm back. I've been very busy - have been to Paris, Taiwan, Woking and Oldham , moved house to Surbiton and had a birthday. The new place is quite nice! If you're interested in a virtual tour, you can watch a little one minute video I've taken of it. It's a big file though - 9.2MB so please right click here and "Save Target As..." .


(no subject) 30 Mar 2003

Got back to Heathrow from Taiwan last night. Didn't get DVT, didn't get SARS and didn't get much NAP! This was perhaps partly because I did actually have a bit of a cough and agitating my nervous neighbours with spluttering fits was quite amusing. But I'm shattered now. I see this whole SARS business has finally made the news over here. Loads of people were wearing face masks on my flight with ...

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(no subject) 15 Dec 2002

Here are some nice photos of Kenting on the south coast of Taiwan. Go if you ever get the chance!

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Silver Golden? 04 Nov 2002

Imagine being married for 85 years! These guys don't have to. Only in Taiwan.


(no subject) 24 Sep 2002

Just to prove my point about the earthquake the other day and the big deal people were making about it, look here - Taiwan has one at least that size literally almost every day!

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Apple Sidra Vender Please? 29 Aug 2002

This is the most beautiful drink in the world... and it appears that you can only get it in Taiwan! Argh. I was practically drowning in the stuff for the 2 weeks I was out there. Does anyone know where I can find Apple Sidra in London? Some chinese supermarket maybe?

Apple Sidra, Taiwan

Dave's Villagers 23 Aug 2002

Hello, I'm back. Had a really good two weeks in Taiwan. Very hot two weeks though, I've got pretty bad sunburn but I think it was worth it. Taiwan's cool, go if you can.

It's still nice to be home though. I see that the football season is upon us already, so I challenge all of you to a game of fantasy football courtesy of BBC Sport. Choose your team, sign up and give me your PIN and I'll add you...


China Invades Taiwan 08 Aug 2002

BBC News - "...China's most credible and immediate threat lies in its increasing battery of conventional short-range ballistic missiles.

These could be used as part of a more limited coercive strategy to produce a rapid collapse of Taiwan's 'national will'.

Worryingly, Chinese military doctrine emphasises the force-multiplying effect of surprise, so such coercive strikes might come out of the b...

China, Taiwan

Off to Taiwan 07 Aug 2002

So excited - off to Taiwan tomorrow for 2 weeks to visit the parents. Not used to staying with my parents any more. Incriminati is a stupid little game but is also showing me a few handy tips.


(no subject) 14 Jul 2002

"They've bought exactly the right ships and missiles from Russia to take it over... yup, with exactly the right ranges to destroy American aircraft carriers..."

So yeah, apart from Oli telling me yesterday how certain he was that China are going to invade Taiwan soon , my weekend has been pretty good so far. Firstly, after a bit of a struggle I managed to set up a home network from my two compu...

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