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Twitter Watch 2 15 Jun 2008

A new version of Twitter Watch is out. The main improvement on the original is that the live feed of tweets can now be translated into a selection of languages. There are a lot of Twitter users who don't write in English!

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Another Mashup of the Day! 29 Apr 2008

Got awarded a second Mashup of the Day by ProgrammableWeb.com, this time for Twitter Watch. We would like to thank...

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Twitter watch 23 Apr 2008

Finally got the chance to try out Twitter recently and I can see why some people find it addictive! Useful too... a story made the news last week about someone managing to alert his friends and family after getting wrongfully arrested.

Anyway, I like sites that have an api for users to make their own mashups so I've made Twitter Watch. It came up with some interesting stuff - like there being a...

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