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Microsoft fails on security 06 Mar 2007

For the second time now, Microsoft has failed a test of its virus detection capability at Live OneCare. I thought they were supposed to be concentrating on security... I mean, isn't that supposed to be one of the big selling points of Vista?

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Vista? No thanks. 24 Nov 2006

Microsoft is getting ready to roll out Vista and I really can't think of any good reason to upgrade.

There are 6 different versions to choose from, so it's not immediately clear to me which one is most suitable. Then there also seems to be a pretty draconian license agreement that should put most people off.

Perhaps if I bought a new machine and had Vista pre-installed then I might just keep it....

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Free Windows Vista CD 16 Aug 2006

Update: Page no longer exists!

By completing this quiz , you can get a CD of Microsoft Windows Vista beta 2 sent to you for free. I'm not a Microsoft fanboy by any means but it could be interesting...

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