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Macgyver problems 04 Oct 2008

MacGyver was a tv series that many in their 20s and early 30s will remember fondly. I used to look forward to it so much! Admittedly it is very dated compared to say The Wire or The West Wing. But if you also were a fan, check out this inspired Wikipedia article that lists all the MacGyver inventions.

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Who will win Super Tuesday? 05 Feb 2008

More predictions... I realise that my crystal ball got it wrong for the Superbowl, but hey, what a great game and I'm glad about the result!

So, Clinton vs Obama and McCain vs Romney. It's going to be a hard one to call. Most of my interest in American politics has come from watching the West Wing, so I'm no expert, but surely McCain will win outright and get the Republican nomination. I expect...

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(no subject) 05 Mar 2004

Sam Seaborn: There's a town in Alabama...
Leo McGarry: They want to make the Ten Commandments into law. I heard.
Sam Seaborn: What do you think about that?
Leo McGarry: Coveting thy neighbor's wife is going to be a problem.
Sam Seaborn: Also, if I was arrested for coveting my neighbor's wife, I'd probably bear false witness.

The West Wing - it's great.

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(no subject) 04 Jun 2003

If you managed to watch last night's "The West Wing" you might have heard Mr President Martin Sheen say that "behind Kashmir Taiwan is just about the most dangerous place on Earth." Well, that may be a slight exageration but being half Taiwanese I found a good quick timeline of US-China-Taiwan relations for those interested here.

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