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Twenty20 Cricket World Cup wall chart 28 Aug 2007

The Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa will be upon us in a couple of weeks. Get your wall chart , check the fixtures and support your team!

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Rugby World Cup wallchart 29 Apr 2007

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The Cricket World Cup is over, but there's another one on the horizon - Rugby World Cup 2007. Get your wallchart , check the fixtures and clear your diaries!

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By the way, the creator of this spreadsheet, Aaron Heath, has a whole selection of other wallcharts which can be found on his site.

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Thrilla in Antigua 05 Apr 2007

England lost another game in the Cricket World Cup yesterday but at least they did it in style. I was following the match on the Duckworth Lewis calculator and we were cruising till the three quick wickets went down... then I must admit they really pulled it out of the bag to come so close to winning! Come on England.

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Four wickets in four balls 29 Mar 2007

Lasith Malinga almost got Sri Lanka out of jail yesterday in their World Cup match vs South Africa. If you missed it, watch it here.

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Super 8s explained 26 Mar 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007 now enters into the second stage called the Super 8s. How does this work? It's explained very well here. In related news, Kevin Pietersen is now top of the batting rankings! Well done Kevin.

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Smug 13 Mar 2007

be any more smug? Somebody, anybody, please please wipe that expression off his face and win the World Cup. South Africa? Sri Lanka? Dare I say England?

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Who will win Cricket World Cup 2007? 04 Mar 2007

Check out who's looking hard to beat in this form guide.

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Where to watch cricket world cup online? 02 Mar 2007

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Update: CricketNext reportedly has rights to stream live coverage so keep checking their site. Also, please check out my Duckworth Lewis calculator which can help you work out who's winning during the games.

Scanning through the list of CWC 2007 licensed broadcasters, it looks as though it's going to be tough to watch live coverage of t...

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DL Method explained with worked examples 21 Feb 2007

With the cricket World Cup only a couple of weeks away, I thought I would go through a few Duckworth Lewis scenarios for people wanting to use my calculator to follow the matches.

This page has the text for the worked examples but below are illustrations of what the calculator should look like for each one.

Example 1:

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Cricket World Cup Wallchart 07 Feb 2007

Only a few weeks left now until the Cricket World Cup schedule begins! West Indies 2007 promises to be as exciting as ever and to help you follow it, here's a wallchart for you to print out and fill in as the tournament progresses.

By the way, my Duckworth Lewis calculator is freely available for use during the forthcoming matches to help discern how each game is going and who's winning. It's n...

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Goal line technology... coming soon? 02 Jan 2007

Over 80% of football fans are in favour of it and it's going to be trialed at the 2007 FIFA World Club Championship - so will goal line technology be here to stay? I thought I'd do a bit of research on this and share that here.

Naturally, as most games of football only see an average of 2 or 3 goals, one more or one less makes all the difference. There are times when it's too close to call and, ...

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Watch World Cup highlights 21 May 2006

The BBC have a free video archive of previous World Cup football matches. Re-live 30 40 years of hurt and watch past greats like Pele, Maradona and Mark Lawrenson.

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World Cup Wallchart 13 May 2006

Follow FIFA World Cup 2006 with this electronic wallchart .

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(no subject) 14 Apr 2006

FIRA The Federation of International Robot-soccer Association is where all the best fooball playing robots can be found. Yes, robots play football too. They even have a World Cup!

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Football World Cup 2006 Draw 10 Dec 2005

The groups have been decided!

Which group is the "Group of Death"? I think it's Group C...

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Rugby Sevens World Cup 21 Mar 2005

The Rugby Sevens World Cup in Hong Kong this weekend was awesome. It was nice to see here who Melrose Cup winners the Fijian team credited with their win.

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(no subject) 02 Apr 2003

What a result! We gave them a stuffing! It was a Turkey shoot! Okay, okay... no more Turkey jokes. Let's joke about Aussies. I watched the football in an Aussie pub called the Walkabout in Wimbledon and I've never seen so many TVs in one place before. Definitely planning to go back there often, and most definitely when we whip them during the rugby world cup in their own backyard!

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English Pride 24 Jun 2002

Even though we're out of the World Cup, we can still restore some English pride because Wimbledon starts today. There's a useful real-time scoreboard on the website if you can't get to a TV. Go Tim!

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Down and Out 22 Jun 2002

Have been too disappointed with England being out of the World Cup to write much. Plus I'm actually quite ill... I should be better soon though.

I'm moving down to London on Tues so this website will disappear for a couple of weeks, then hopefully will reappear at www.nimisis.com once a phoneline and ADSL is up and running in my new place . See you then.

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(no subject) 15 Jun 2002

It was great to watch Denmark play like they had a plane to catch. Got quite abusive during the match... I called them citizens of a stub of a country, full of Vikings and only worthy of acid rain... Sorry, very embarassed and ashamed now. World Cup fever is taking over!

Bring on Brazil or Belgium.

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Don't Cry For Me Batistuta 12 Jun 2002

Not the best England performance I've ever seen but still, we're through, and the icing on the cake is the fact that both France and now Argentina are out. Woo hoo! Coming second in the group may not be all that bad. At least the next match against Denmark won't be in the sweltering heat of the afternoon but the more comfortable cool of the evening.

Check our statistical chances of winning acco...

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