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Polaris World STILL selling houses 09 Apr 2008

This advert has been running on UK tv for a while now... Are the alarm bells ringing?

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YouTube's Super Bowl commercials 01 Feb 2007

It's famous for its adverts as much as anything else, so this year the best Super Bowl commercials are also being done YouTube style. I'll be sound asleep I expect, being here in UK, but at least I now have the option of checking them out on Monday morning.

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(no subject) 24 Aug 2006

Adverts on TV are usually rubbish, but occasionally a very funny advert crops up. Here's a whole collection of very funny ads.

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(no subject) 10 May 2005

Adverts that are fun to watch are hard to find! Here are two; that VW golf one with David Elsewhere posing as Gene Kelly dancing and singing in the rain and the one by Skoda with the fat gymnast doing a floor routine .

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A couple of links 02 Mar 2005

CBAB aims to provide you with the Internet's most definitive directory of UK TV advert soundtracks.

The Google zeitgeist tells you what people are searching for this and every week.


False advertising 29 Dec 2004

The National Lottery's latest ad urges us to play the lottery because "your chances of winning increase significantly if you actually play!" I somehow doubt that... My chances of winning when I don't play are zero. If I buy one ticket, my chances of winning the jackpot are one in fourteen million. Chances of winning anything at all are 54 to 1. That's not a significant increase! Anyone else thi...

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(no subject) 16 Apr 2003

Have you seen that Honda advert yet? You'll know what I'm talking about if you have. It's amazing. One of the few you can just enjoy. Genius. The wheels going up the ramp looks strange but my colleagues and I reckon they're weighted. They must be. It's all real apparently - but it took 606 takes to achieve it!


Adwatch.tv 13 Mar 2003

I found Adwatch.tv today. Not quite Tarrant on TV but close.