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What's next after Wall-E? 28 Jul 2008

Allow me to introduce Pixar's "Up", their next offering to be released in May 2009. Disney has also got another film in production due out six months earlier called "Bolt" which you might also like to check out.

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Pixar presents Lifted 19 Oct 2007

Lifted - a very entertaining animated short :) A sort of driving test with a difference!

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Trouble at Mill 04 Oct 2007

Wallace and Gromit are back! Nick Park has announced that a new animation short is going to be on our screens at the end of next year. See his interview as well as a whole bunch of all-time favourite W & B clips for free here.


Freelance animation 12 Feb 2007

This is a quick plug for my colleague Martin who's got a portfolio of cool animation projects and is also involved in the production of a comic called Fruit Punch. He's also hoping to start freelancing soon so contact him if his work interests you.


How to animate music 14 Sep 2006

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