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Wallcharts for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games 29 Jul 2008

The Beijing Olympics are only just over a week away! To keep up-to-date on the schedule of live matches going on, Sport.omani.ac have made some excel spreadsheets for the football, basketball and baseball tournaments that are free to download!

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Euro 2008 wall chart 17 Mar 2008

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Noticed in Switzerland last week that everywhere you looked there were posters for the upcoming European football championships. So I guess it's not too early to bring out the MS Excel spreadsheet for the tournament. All the fixtures are listed and group standings are calculated as each goal is scored. Download from Sportomaniac.

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The great quake 28 Feb 2008

There was an earthquake in UK early yesterday. Officially recorded to be 5.2 on the Richter scale, with an epicenter in the midlands. I was awake when it happened, and it was possibly the smallest quake I've ever been aware of, yet it still makes the front page of the newspapers here. What a complete joke! Thankfully no one was hurt, but something above 6.0 is more to shout about...


African Nations Cup wall chart 06 Dec 2007

Update : Fixed a few errors.

African Cup of Nations 2008 in Ghana is only a little over a month away so I've made a wall chart in MS Excel format for those who like filling in the results into a spreadsheet whilst following the tournament. Download from Sport.omani.ac.

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Astronomy with Google Earth 29 Aug 2007

The latest version of Google Earth has a new feature which allows you to flip the default view to looking up at imagery of the night sky gathered from telescopes.

No longer do you have to buy a telescope from ebay to do some star gazing . Seeing all those billions of stars does make you feel pretty small though!

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Twenty20 Cricket World Cup wall chart 28 Aug 2007

The Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa will be upon us in a couple of weeks. Get your wall chart , check the fixtures and support your team!

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Rugby World Cup wallchart 29 Apr 2007

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The Cricket World Cup is over, but there's another one on the horizon - Rugby World Cup 2007. Get your wallchart , check the fixtures and clear your diaries!

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By the way, the creator of this spreadsheet, Aaron Heath, has a whole selection of other wallcharts which can be found on his site.

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London 2.0 22 Feb 2007

"Some of the web's most innovative developers might want to check the temperature when they arrive for the Future of Web Apps conference this week -- in tech circles, this city is getting hot again."

London's developers and entrepreneurs should find this article quite encouraging!

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Cricket World Cup Wallchart 07 Feb 2007

Only a few weeks left now until the Cricket World Cup schedule begins! West Indies 2007 promises to be as exciting as ever and to help you follow it, here's a wallchart for you to print out and fill in as the tournament progresses.

By the way, my Duckworth Lewis calculator is freely available for use during the forthcoming matches to help discern how each game is going and who's winning. It's n...

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Extra birthday parties 13 Nov 2006

This calculator finds useless dates related to your birthday. I discovered that soon I'll be ten thousand days old using this. Sounds more impressive than becoming twenty-something!

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(no subject) 14 Aug 2006

Just retracing some of my steps using Google Earth and Google Maps and noticed that the reservoir in Central Park looks as if it's either got a very narrow bridge across it or a tunnel. How great would a glass underwater tunnel be ! See for yourself.

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World Cup Wallchart 13 May 2006

Follow FIFA World Cup 2006 with this electronic wallchart .

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(no subject) 01 Aug 2005

Art gets silly.


(no subject) 30 Oct 2004

Found out last night that barge parties are cool.

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Ooone-undred-and-EIGHTY!!! 07 Jan 2003

Darts is not a sport in my opinion. Players of a sport must be athletes. It's not terribly interesting, but it is strangely watchable. This guy Tony David is a bit of a legend actually, even though he's Australian.

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(no subject) 20 Dec 2002

Oh joy of joys, it's the work Christmas party tonight.

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(no subject) 24 Sep 2002

Just to prove my point about the earthquake the other day and the big deal people were making about it, look here - Taiwan has one at least that size literally almost every day!

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That's nothing! 23 Sep 2002

Oh no! Not an earthquake measuring 4.8! Wimps.