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Half price books 15 Mar 2008

The discount books section of PriceCutReview.com is now online! They're not just clearance titles either...

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CS Lewis' Mere Christianity 22 Jan 2008

Fans of CS Lewis' writing, such as the Narnia books or Mere Christianity, might be interested to hear footage of the man himself talking on BBC radio back in the 40's.

A related link is Librivox.org, which provides free audiobooks from the public domain.

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Read more books 13 Jan 2007

If one of your New Years resolutions was to do more reading, Daily Lit might be a site you should visit. They have a bunch of books to choose from and the innovative thing about this is that you get to read them in bitesize sections via emails, scheduled to arrive in your inbox, say, at 9am every weekday if you want. What a great idea!


LibraryThing 13 Sep 2006

LibraryThing is a social book recommendation site which, once you've catalogued the books you own, connects you with people who read the same things. This is more or less to books what Last.fm is to music.

On the subject of books, it's Banned Books Week this week. Check them out here.

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