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(no subject) 09 Mar 2003

Why does it take so long for broadband to be set up now I'm in New Malden? How does Justin Timberlake make his voice go so glass-breakingly high in his version of "Cry Me a River"? What is the Capital FM £60,000 London Sound? These are some of the mysteries I've been pondering this last week. My only conclusion is that the London Sound is an umbrella opening, what do you think? Anyway, at least...


Wet Wet Wet 11 Jul 2002

I'm back! Well, sort of. Broadband isn't up and running yet but I am hosting this site on my own server after all so there's no reason not to carry on writing entries! I've just been quite busy... So anyway, I've completed the move, been here for almost 2 weeks now and am settling in. Central London is cool but very expensive - my haircut today cost £15! It also seems to rain a lot here. Appare...

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Broadband Internet 14 Jun 2002

Signed up for broadband today and would recommend TalkTalk Broadband. Whatever you do, don't go for BT!