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Worst burglary ever 14 Nov 2006

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Mugshot 2.0 is out! 30 Oct 2006

A new version of Mugshot is available for download from this page. A few bugs have been fixed and the resolution of captured photos has been improved.

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Mugshot 03 Apr 2005

Mugshot is a home security application I've written that uses a digital camera or webcam to detect motion in your home. If an intruder, burglar or even nosy housemate is seen, a snapshot is taken and emailed to you. So, should the thief steal your PC or laptop computer, you can still take the pictures of the perpetrator to the police for identification and provide evidence of the crime to autho...

Mugshot, webcam, burglar, project

Webcam project 22 Feb 2005

I'm going to make me one of these anti-burglar webcam security applications. Coming soon with source code... when I have some spare time!

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