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Has the budget left you better off? 21 Mar 2007

Gordon Brown announced the budget today. The change getting the headlines is the 2p tax cut, but are you really better off? Find out using the budget calculator!

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DL Method explained with worked examples 21 Feb 2007

With the cricket World Cup only a couple of weeks away, I thought I would go through a few Duckworth Lewis scenarios for people wanting to use my calculator to follow the matches.

This page has the text for the worked examples but below are illustrations of what the calculator should look like for each one.

Example 1:

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(no subject) 31 May 2003

I'd need to rob a bank to be able to afford to buy a house here in Surrey but with this online mortgage calculator I've made I'll at least be able to see how big a bank it has to be!

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(no subject) 02 Oct 2002

Yeah baby, according to the life expectancy calculator I'm expected to live to the ripe old age of 90! Not sure I want to live that long actually...

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