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Sync Google Calendar with iPhone 08 Dec 2008

Here's the utility many mac users have been wanting for a while - something that'll sync iCal with Google Calendar. With that working you can automatically have the new iCal appointments synchronised with your iPhone. How cool is that?!


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Extra birthday parties 13 Nov 2006

This calculator finds useless dates related to your birthday. I discovered that soon I'll be ten thousand days old using this. Sounds more impressive than becoming twenty-something!

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(no subject) 15 Oct 2006

Sports fans looking for international competitions any month of the year will love the International Sports Calendar, a simple online database that keeps track of anything from archery in Algeria to wushu in Zimbabwe.

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(no subject) 08 Dec 2003

My chocolate advent calendar doesn't tell the date as well as this sporting advent calendar...


(no subject) 28 Oct 2002

"They misunderestimated me!" - George W. Bush. He cracks me up, which is oh-so-very scary.

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