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Euston Church 01 Nov 2010

This is a plug for a new church in Euston. From their About page:

"We are a church community in the Euston area; part of the Church of England; and committed to putting the Bible at the heart of all we do. Whether you are working, studying or living in central London, we hope you'll find something for you here."

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Church iPhone apps 29 Oct 2010

The new iPhone app for St Helen's Bishopsgate is now out! If you want a version for your church, have a look at this document which contains details of what I need from you in order to make it. Do get in touch!

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Christian computer games 26 Aug 2008

There are lots of interesting people at the new church I've just started to attend - St Helen's Bishopsgate. One of them is Andy Geers, who makes Christian computer games as a way of teaching the Bible. I recommend his blog too!

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(no subject) 13 May 2004

This is cool. Go to church online.


(no subject) 21 Jul 2002

Church was really good again this morning. Met Kirsten who has a son going to my old school! I found out because she went up to the front to tell the congregation how thankful she was to have found a school for her son and happened to be the person sitting next to me. I then chatted to her and, out of curiosity, asked which school her son was going to go to. I love the way God does that. She ha...

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