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Quantum of Solace 21 Apr 2008

... for the poor stunt driver that crashed James Bond's Aston Martin into Lake Garda last week? I wonder if this might be a publicity stunt... I remember when Casino Royale was being filmed the film set caught fire and they grabbed the headlines.

Anyway, Quantum of Solace comes out in cinemas later this year and, if it's anything like Casino Royale, will definitely be worth watching.

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There's a conspiracy going on 08 Mar 2004

It's not a conspiracy about Iraq hiding WMD. It's not about aliens. It's not the one currently perpetrated by Coca Cola in selling vanilla coke which is horrible stuff in packaging that is hardly any different to proper coke and through this dirty trick profit enough to overthrow small countries... although someone should probably look into that. Neither is it the one about betel nut chewers wh...