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Symonds not Big Monkey 10 Jan 2008

The row about Harbhajan Singh racially abusing Andrew Symonds by calling him a "Big Monkey" is still raging on, but I've just heard on the radio that Harbhajan was speaking Hindi and said, "Abey bik mangey, teri maa ki" which means "Beggar, go f*** your mother". Still not very polite, but probably more acceptable. I can believe this. The Aussies grasp of Hindi probably isn't that good...

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Twenty20 Cricket World Cup wall chart 28 Aug 2007

The Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa will be upon us in a couple of weeks. Get your wall chart , check the fixtures and support your team!

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Unhappy Windies 18 May 2007

Going up to Lords on Sunday for day 4 versus the West Indies at Lord's . I'm hoping I won't see anything like this famous moment in cricket history, though it probably reflects quite accurately the current mood in the West Indian dressing room.

It's from the Dunedin match during the 1979-80 tour of New Zealand by West Indies depicting Michael Holding's discontent at an umpiring decision. Photo ...

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Thrilla in Antigua 05 Apr 2007

England lost another game in the Cricket World Cup yesterday but at least they did it in style. I was following the match on the Duckworth Lewis calculator and we were cruising till the three quick wickets went down... then I must admit they really pulled it out of the bag to come so close to winning! Come on England.

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Sir Garfield Sobers' six sixes 01 Apr 2007

The feat by Herschell Gibbs the other day was, of course, famously done previously by Sir Garfield Sobers and I found a link to it. Here's footage of the man hitting six sixes in one over against Glamorgan bowler Malcolm Nash in 1968.

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Four wickets in four balls 29 Mar 2007

Lasith Malinga almost got Sri Lanka out of jail yesterday in their World Cup match vs South Africa. If you missed it, watch it here.

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Super 8s explained 26 Mar 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007 now enters into the second stage called the Super 8s. How does this work? It's explained very well here. In related news, Kevin Pietersen is now top of the batting rankings! Well done Kevin.

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Peccadillos on pedalos 20 Mar 2007

by Hershel Gibbs. There have been lows too, such as Bob Woolmer's passing. Pakistan and Scotland are already out, and Andrew Flintoff "got into difficulties" after falling off a pedalo. More than a mere peccadillo really. What's he playing at? England fans have had enough. We don't deserve to win this tournament - teams that display some fight do, like Bermuda, who have players like Dwayne Lev...

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Six Sixes in an over 16 Mar 2007

Herschell Gibbs hit six sixes in one over off Daan van Bunge on his way to make 72 for South Africa today.

Though Garfield Sobers has achieved it before, Gibbs is the first to ever do it in a world cup, and it qualifies him for the Johnny Walker Six Sixes challenge, which means he gets to donate a million dollars to charity!


Smug 13 Mar 2007

be any more smug? Somebody, anybody, please please wipe that expression off his face and win the World Cup. South Africa? Sri Lanka? Dare I say England?

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Wii want cricket 08 Mar 2007

Update 27/06/08: Big Beach Sports has beach cricket!

Combining two of the topics that have been popular here lately - there seems to be a growing group of cricket-loving gamers who think that the Wii is in desperate need of a cricket game. I agree. In fact if there was a Wii development kit around that I could get my hands on, I wouldn't mind having a go myself. I've seen a demo video of the de...

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Who will win Cricket World Cup 2007? 04 Mar 2007

Check out who's looking hard to beat in this form guide.

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Where to watch cricket world cup online? 02 Mar 2007

***Live cricket chat***

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Update: CricketNext reportedly has rights to stream live coverage so keep checking their site. Also, please check out my Duckworth Lewis calculator which can help you work out who's winning during the games.

Scanning through the list of CWC 2007 licensed broadcasters, it looks as though it's going to be tough to watch live coverage of t...

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DL Method explained with worked examples 21 Feb 2007

With the cricket World Cup only a couple of weeks away, I thought I would go through a few Duckworth Lewis scenarios for people wanting to use my calculator to follow the matches.

This page has the text for the worked examples but below are illustrations of what the calculator should look like for each one.

Example 1:

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Australia lose by 10 wickets 16 Feb 2007

Oh dear, that's not very good! Australia might get overtaken by South Africa in the world rankings for ODIs!

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Commonwealth Bank Series Winners 11 Feb 2007

Remembering that this has all been done without Kevin Pietersen, these are good signs!


Happy Birthday Glenn McGrath! 09 Feb 2007

Glenn McGrath turned 37 today and to help him celebrate England beat Australia in the first match of the Commonwealth Bank Series finals! A team-mate also hit him on the head with a cricket ball. Maybe that's why he was dropping catches... Poor guy!

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Cricket World Cup Wallchart 07 Feb 2007

Only a few weeks left now until the Cricket World Cup schedule begins! West Indies 2007 promises to be as exciting as ever and to help you follow it, here's a wallchart for you to print out and fill in as the tournament progresses.

By the way, my Duckworth Lewis calculator is freely available for use during the forthcoming matches to help discern how each game is going and who's winning. It's n...

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England Thrash Australia 03 Feb 2007

And when I say thrash, I mean a comprehensive victory. We beat Australia by 92 runs in Sydney!

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The Sheikh of Tweak 18 Dec 2006

The Ashes are lost, thanks mainly to Shane Warne who was the leading wicket taker this morning at the Waca. England's latest capitulation means that they're now 3-0 down in the 5 match series, but I wonder if that's a fair reflection on the relative ability of the two sides...

What's contributed to such a poor performance? Take your pick from under-preparedness , Giles dropping Ponting before h...

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War of Words 21 Nov 2006

Two days till the Ashes start and the war of words is heating up.

"I'm going to target Andrew Strauss and Ian Bell" - Glenn McGrath
"The Australian bowling line-up is like Dad's Army." - Ian Botham
"They [England] are in for so much pain, so much pain. Facing the tiger who's tail you've been pulling. Pain, baby." - Russell Crowe

But you're a kiwi, Russell. Stay out of it!

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Aussie cricketers 'rude' on podium 07 Nov 2006

"The Australian cricket team has been labelled "rude and arrogant" by the Indian media for allegedly pushing aside the Indian board president on the Champions Trophy victory podium."

Read the full article here.

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Countdown to The Ashes 28 Oct 2006

Just under 4 weeks now until the first Ashes Test in Brisbane and the Australian propaganda machine is in overdrive! Remember, Ricky Ponting, what happened last time. Maybe they just can't help themselves. The Aussie cricketers seem to like a good taunt about as much as Jose Mourinho likes a good winge. Perhaps it's a sharp tactic. Low, but potentially effective. Sport is, as one of the america...

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Delhi Belly 28 Nov 2005

Third and final test for the England cricket team in Pakistan tomorrow. Worried. Even if we win we only draw the series, and from some of the photos I've seen the guys seem to be hinting that the curries aren't really agreeing with them...

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(no subject) 07 Aug 2005

My nerves are still shot to pieces after watching the second closest test match result in history - an England victory by 2 runs!

For more cricket stats, visit here.

Random link: Learn Shane Warne's five spin deliveries.

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How to watch cricket 26 Jul 2005

Watching the test match on the big screen in Regent's Park last Sat was brilliant... until England lost the plot...

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Media mauling 20 Jun 2005

" Tested? What, like the thorough examination your bowlers give when spraying deliveries around so much their overs turn into 11-ball epics? Scary.

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Who is Ricky Ponting? 19 Jun 2005

Sunday, 12th June 2005 - One week into the tour
"Andrew Flintoff is the only England player who could force his way into the Australia side."

Tuesday, 14th June 2005 - After a 100-run Twenty20 defeat by England.
"It's a pretty important game for us now against Somerset and we've certainly got to try and get whatever we can out of that.
"By the time Saturday and Sunday come around there won't be an...

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Brian Johnston's "Legover" commentary 18 Aug 2003

Ah, it brings joy to my heart when England win a test match... I found this today - it's a little clip that has also brought joy to many people's hearts . Yes, it's Brian Johnston's famous "leg over" clip.

***Calculate Duckworth Lewis***

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(no subject) 06 May 2003

A bit worried by this decision to make Michael Vaughan England's one-day cricket captain... Granted, he's the world's best batsman, but my Dad's a better fielder than him! Are his tactics in the field going to be any good? Doubtful, very doubtful... I'd vote for Phil Tufnell... actually no I wouldn't, not for captain, but for "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" I would! I haven't witnessed a...

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(no subject) 21 Nov 2002

Come on England, come on Nasser. You can do it. You can get a big total and win a test match. Otherwise, like many houses across the UK this coming week, we're all going to be completely gutted...

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(no subject) 08 Sep 2002

Am watching the test match... how depressing. I'm doing far better than England on this little online cricket game and competition.

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