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eBay Local 31 Aug 2009

Here's a video demonstration of a tool to help eBayers find items near them so that they can arrange collection in person and save on postage and packing fees. There's also a video to check out for a tool called eBay Spy which presents a real time feed of closing auctions.

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How to buy a car on eBay 21 Feb 2009

A friend of mine bought a car on the online auction site recently and got a really good deal. It's a great way to get a bargain, as long as you do some research.

There are lots of cars on eBay. Have a browse around eBay Motors. Or this car auction if you're based in UK.

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For sale in Surbiton 07 Jul 2008

I'm eBaying a few large items that are pick up only from Surbiton . Have a browse and get in touch if you're interested!

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Shops that accept Paypal 27 Aug 2007

If you're a frequent eBay user like me, you probably have a Paypal account. And maybe having done a virtual car boot sale or two have found yourself in the fortunate position of having a small slush fund... The problem for me has always been that this money always seemed destined to go back into the purchase of some item on eBay. Sure, they, being the biggest online auction site, have a massive...

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(no subject) 22 May 2006

A couple of useful links for eBay addicts; Hammersnipe, which lets you choose an item you want and will automatically bid on it for you just a few seconds before the auction ends. Saves time and effort! Then there's Typoferret which searches for items with somewhat dubious spellings. The logic being that a misspelled item equals a cheap item, as potential bidders haven't been able to find them!

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(no subject) 10 Jun 2004

Yeah baby! Sold my first thing on eBay today - a wireless broadband router. This buying and selling business could get addictive... well if I had some money it might! Must say though, there are some good deals out there, at least compared to the rip-off prices in high street shops...


My bruises are starting to heal now... 06 Sep 2002

It was Rob's stag night on Wednesday, so to start the night off the 13 of us went and raced each other on go-karts. There's this very smart 600m track in a place called March. So 4 heats and a grand final later, yours truly got a podium finish behind Toby and Alex . Added to my list of things to look for if I bought a house now is, "garden large enough to tarmac a go-kart track". In my dreams. ...

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