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Facebook Connect comments widget 25 Feb 2009

All blog post comments here at Nimisis.com are now being done through Facebook. It was actually very easy to set up - only a few lines of code. More info on how to do this on your own blog is available from the Facebook developers section.

Looking forward to your comments!

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Report Facebook bugs 15 Nov 2008

Facebook is buggy. And it's annoying. So, if you're also noticing bugs, feel free to join the Facebook bugs group.


Sports related Facebook apps 02 Feb 2008

A new little Facebook application I've created is a widget that lists current and upcoming events on our sister site Sportomaniac. With the African Nations Cup going on, Six Nations Rugby, SuperBowl and staple of Premiership football, there's loads going on!

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Two degrees 06 Aug 2007

You know Facebook is getting popular when your dad joins up...

I've made a web app that uses the Facebook API to find friends that aren't on your list but should be. It's called "Two Degrees" because of the Six Degrees of Separation idea.

Two degrees uses Ajax and has been tested on Firefox2 and IE7. If your browser has an anti-phishing filter then it will take slightly longer before you see the ...

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Free eBooks 21 Oct 2004

Here's a good site for free ebooks - Project Gutenberg.