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MS Word doc to text converter 02 Apr 2008

A while back I wrote some anti-plagiarism software. It compares all the documents in a folder against each other for evidence of copying. The feedback is that it needs to be able to accept more file formats, in addition to plain text format, in particular Microsoft Word documents. So I've made a free utility that can batch convert files from doc to txt format. Popular software source files such...

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Software to detect plagiarism 25 Jan 2008

I recently saw an article about the growing problem of plagiarism among students and so I've written a little piece of software as a tool to aid teachers in the fight against it. The application is called Collusion and allows users to select a folder on their hard drive that contains the students' essays. These are then checked against each other for evidence of "copy-and-paste".

This is version...

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Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) 01 Jul 2007

There's quite a bit in the news at the moment about dodgy TEFL courses. Indeed I know that in Taiwan and China some westerners don't bother with any accreditation at all and assume that they can teach English just because they can speak it. Of course, this is not recommended!

So I've had a quick look into this and found out that an accredited course is not that expensive, even for a gap year stu...

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Maths lessons to improve maths skills 24 Jun 2007

ConquerMaths is a virtual tutor that helps you get better at maths. Covering subjects ranging from algebra to trigonometry, the lessons are mainly geared towards pupils aged 11-16 though really they're open to anyone who wants to become more numerate.

BBC online did a feature on Conquer Maths saying that a Teeside school doubled its GCSE pass rate because of it and pupils even logged in on Chris...

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Learn a foreign language 25 May 2007

Podcasts now exist which aim to help you learn a foreign language. Podcasting has been around for a while now and it's something that has been popular in countries all over the world. Here's a page with a useful list of language learning podcasts. Best of all they're free!

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Download a free education 08 Feb 2007

This site is packed with links to video lectures and podcasts on all sorts of subjects and is well worth checking out!

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