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Burn After Reading 05 Oct 2008

The code to get to a free preview ticket to see Burn After Reading is 7594. Enter at ScreenBookings.com.


What's next after Wall-E? 28 Jul 2008

Allow me to introduce Pixar's "Up", their next offering to be released in May 2009. Disney has also got another film in production due out six months earlier called "Bolt" which you might also like to check out.

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Can kids watch that film? 12 Nov 2007

Here's a great site for parents - The Parents British Board of Film Classification website. It takes away the problem many parents face when deciding which film to go and watch with their children - that is, whether it will contain scenes or themes that you'd rather not expose to a child .

They go into serious detail for each movie. For example, look at the "Extended Consumer Advice" for The Sim...


Robots in disguise 20 Jun 2007

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Listen to a full length movie online 23 Apr 2007

ListenToAMovie streams the entire audio track of a movie online. It is not a files sharing or file swapping site. And although the audio is mono and the encoding quality is intentionally set very low 24Kbs you can still get the gist of what's going on. They've got a fairly wide selection too.

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The best James Bond 18 Mar 2007


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Wittertainment at its most wittertaining 17 Mar 2007

This is a phrase coined by film critic Mark Kermode with reference to the nature of the banter that goes on between him and Simon Mayo every Friday on BBC Five Live. Reviews are often quite witty, they witter and the result is quite entertaining, hence the term. They also have a podcast version in case you miss the radio show or prefer that format.

Existing fans of the show might like to be info...

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(no subject) 12 Jan 2003

Wait, hold on... one of the best movies ever made is showing later tonight. Channel 5 presents, at 6pm, The Goonies! Yeah baby. Why isn't this out on DVD in UK yet?

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