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Free rice 23 Oct 2007

Improve your vocab and donate some rice to fight hunger at the same time at FreeRice.com!

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Eat your garden snails 18 May 2007

Having posted the video of them in action yesterday, I though I'd mention that I saw a programme recently where Gordon Ramsey explained that the snails in your garden are just as good to eat as escargot you'd get in a posh restaurant. Here's how to prepare them -

Before you can eat garden snails you have to get rid of their toxins. For the first two days, leave the snails in a container without ...

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Effectiveness of weight loss programs 16 Mar 2007

So I was listening to some nutrition lectures from Berkeley that can be downloaded as podcasts and in one of them guest lecturer Dr Kater talks about "Health at Every Size". It was interesting because she highlighted how ineffective weight loss programs tend to be -

50% of people who start a diet drop out, 25% will actually lose weight and only 5% will have maintained the weight loss after 5 ye...

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