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Euro 2008 wall chart 17 Mar 2008

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Noticed in Switzerland last week that everywhere you looked there were posters for the upcoming European football championships. So I guess it's not too early to bring out the MS Excel spreadsheet for the tournament. All the fixtures are listed and group standings are calculated as each goal is scored. Download from Sportomaniac.

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Fabio Capello CV 16 Dec 2007

  • Italian, born 1946.
  • A former midfield player for Roma, Juventus, AC Milan and Italy.
  • Has managed Milan, Real Madrid, Roma and Juventus, winning the domestic league title with each of them.
  • Now England manager, Capello has announced that it will be his last management role. His annual salary will be £6 million.

By all accounts, a good resume. But tell me, what does an England manager actually do aga...

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African Nations Cup wall chart 06 Dec 2007

Update : Fixed a few errors.

African Cup of Nations 2008 in Ghana is only a little over a month away so I've made a wall chart in MS Excel format for those who like filling in the results into a spreadsheet whilst following the tournament. Download from Sport.omani.ac.

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Premiership ticket prices 13 Aug 2007

As if football tickets weren't expensive enough already, three teams in the English Premier League have decided to raise their ticket prices still further this season. They deserve to be named and shamed! It's interesting to note that after this first weekend of action, all three are in the bottom half of the table. In fact, Spurs and West Ham are in the relegation zone!

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These Romans are crazy! 05 Apr 2007

As a side note, I just found out that the meaning of SPQR is "Senatus Populusque Romanus", or "the Senate and People of Rome". Modern Italians use a different expansion - Sono Pazzi Questi Romani. In French it's Ils sont fous, ces Romains - They're daft, these Romans, or, as fans of Asterix might prefer to say, "These Romans are crazy!"

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Goal line technology... coming soon? 02 Jan 2007

Over 80% of football fans are in favour of it and it's going to be trialed at the 2007 FIFA World Club Championship - so will goal line technology be here to stay? I thought I'd do a bit of research on this and share that here.

Naturally, as most games of football only see an average of 2 or 3 goals, one more or one less makes all the difference. There are times when it's too close to call and, ...

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The Dell'Olio code 19 Jun 2006

England's record against Sweden is pretty awful, is this due to some global conspiracy? Will Sven go all out against his home country? Will we be playing Germany in the next round? Well, like against Paraguay, I've done another simulation on Pro Evolution Soccer 5. The result? England 1, Sweden 0. Clearly that's what's destined to happen. Oh, and Owen scores.

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This is what to do, Sven 18 Jun 2006

Seeing Poland lose to Germany in the last minute was, well, a swift nut kick for the Poles and despite not having the heat and absence of Rooney to blame, Sven Goran Eriksson almost dished one out himself on England last thursday. At the risk of sounding like Mark Lawrenson, here's what you want to do, Sven.

Drop Crouch - The most embarrassing moment for all England fans during this World Cup mu...

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Watch World Cup highlights 21 May 2006

The BBC have a free video archive of previous World Cup football matches. Re-live 30 40 years of hurt and watch past greats like Pele, Maradona and Mark Lawrenson.

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(no subject) 14 Apr 2006

FIRA The Federation of International Robot-soccer Association is where all the best fooball playing robots can be found. Yes, robots play football too. They even have a World Cup!

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Football World Cup 2006 Draw 10 Dec 2005

The groups have been decided!

Which group is the "Group of Death"? I think it's Group C...

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Some great video clips 23 Oct 2005

Ski jump gone wrong.
Lucky basketball shot.
Swerving free kick.
Awesome table football skills.

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(no subject) 04 Dec 2004

Now here's a man with fewer marbles than advertised - manager of Brazil?! In your dreams, Sven. Let's win some England games first...

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South Africa 12 Sep 2003

Question: Where in the world can you see 100 football matches being played in one place on one day?

Answer: Hackney Marshes, NE London. There you'll find no fewer than 87 full-size football pitches. Tomorrow I'm going to be playing there so before I head off for an early night let's get something down for Sept... My slackness is probably due to this festival of sport we've had recently and I've ...

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(no subject) 03 May 2003

Come on West Ham! You can do it. Yes, although you might need an electron microscope to see the straw I'm clutching, I still think they can stay up. Wouldn't you rather Leeds go down?


(no subject) 02 Apr 2003

What a result! We gave them a stuffing! It was a Turkey shoot! Okay, okay... no more Turkey jokes. Let's joke about Aussies. I watched the football in an Aussie pub called the Walkabout in Wimbledon and I've never seen so many TVs in one place before. Definitely planning to go back there often, and most definitely when we whip them during the rugby world cup in their own backyard!

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Bend it like Ferguson 26 Feb 2003

All this fresh air I'm getting on my suburban walks into work has given me a cold. I'm over it now though, 40 min walks are a bit of a shock to the system but it's actually really nice. Lots of posh houses around here and often not a single other person to be seen. I saw a fox yesterday and that was about it. Just walking isn't enough exercise though. I'm looking forward to a bit of football th...

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(no subject) 13 Feb 2003

This is so insightful.

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