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Robotic vacuum cleaner 26 Feb 2009

This is probably one of the best gadgets ever invented.

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More Christmas gift ideas 17 Dec 2007

There's also something for the impatient grown-ups among us. Another gadget is the Tefal Quick Cup. You don't have to wait for the water to boil before you make your drink, it comes out boiling hot... and it's apparently more energy efficient than the old fashioned kettle!

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Five octave piano in your pocket 18 Mar 2007

's the ultimate portable piano keyboard! 61 soft rubber keys, 16 keys can be used at once and it can be connected to a PC. With a jack for headphones or amp, recording functionality and demo songs, it's a winner!

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Awesome car alarm 02 Mar 2007

Speaking yesterday of traffic wardens, I think having this somewhat fearsome Tesla coil car alarm might put a stop to any parking tickets...

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Big enough for ya? 16 Dec 2006

Ignoring the fact that you'd get a serious amount of neck strain from having one of these, you've got to admit that the new giant monitor from Siemens would make quite a cool Christmas present. Imagine how great it would be to hook a Wii up to it!

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Monitoring my sleep 06 Dec 2006

Fortunately there's a 30 day moneyback guarantee. It's still got a few problems, for example, I was already awake when the alarm went off this morning. There's a more comprehensive review here. Shame really. It has given me a good idea for a future project though.

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Cool Pool Lounger 03 Jun 2006

A pool, summer sun, one of these motorized pool loungers, and maybe a waterproof tv strapped onto it as well. Can't think of many better ways to watch England win the world cup!


Sharks with frickin' laser beams 06 Dec 2004

Cool gadget of the day - a laser keyboard. I'd probably get one of these if I had a PDA... But what if the laser shines in your eye? You could get some anti-laser contact lenses...


(no subject) 13 Nov 2004

Whatever will they think of next - send hugs using a robotic pillow?!


(no subject) 27 Sep 2004

A great little gadget site can be found here.


(no subject) 13 Sep 2002

My mobile phone is packing up. I've got to get a new one, preferably one with those mp3 ring tones instead of the tinny bleepy ones. One of the guys in the office has the sound of cows mooing. The newer phones seem to emit less radiation too, so if I can't afford a newer model I guess I may have to get some of these anti-radiation pants!

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