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Play chess and have a webcam? 19 Feb 2009

ChessClock is software that functions as a digital chess clock and also takes pictures of the board after every move so that a time lapse video of the game can be made for analysis afterwards. The timer and webcam function could be useful for other two-player games like Scrabble, Go, etc.

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Fantastic Contraption 12 Nov 2008

Here's a fun game that'll test your IQ - Fantastic Contraption.

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Christian computer games 26 Aug 2008

There are lots of interesting people at the new church I've just started to attend - St Helen's Bishopsgate. One of them is Andy Geers, who makes Christian computer games as a way of teaching the Bible. I recommend his blog too!

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Spore official release date set 14 Feb 2008

It's official! There was some speculation in previous months, but September 7th has now been confirmed as the day when you can finally get your hands on Will Wright's long-awaited game, Spore.

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Spore release date set. Pre-order it! 15 Sep 2007

Spore, one of the most eagerly awaited video games in recent years is now available for pre-order in UK and US! So I jumped the gun a while back saying that the Spore release date was in Dec 2007... Hopefully this makes up for it a bit.

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Spore UK release date set 17 Mar 2007

Spore, the game that everybody was talking about at E3 in 2006 is set for UK release on Dec 12, 2007 for the PC. Here's a video to show what all the fuss was about

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Word Shoot 05 Mar 2007

A little game for a slow monday morning - Word Shoot. It'll help your typing skills too.


Motocross like an X Games pro 23 Feb 2007

...with this cool little flash game which has some clever physics in it.


Six Nations rugby practice 25 Jan 2007

Here are some online rugby games for you to play with to get you in the mood for the upcoming 6 Nations tournament.

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Respond to a disaster 03 Oct 2005

As the newly appointed chief of the Emergency Management Agency for Bluebear County, it's your job to handle an eruption of the fictional Mount Spur. Are you up to it? The Supervolcano Game.


(no subject) 11 Apr 2005

Someone keeps stealing my letters!


Wipeouts 14 Jul 2004

Watch the best wipeouts of this year's Winter X Games VIII here.

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(no subject) 24 Dec 2002

This is a strangely satisfying game.


(no subject) 24 Aug 2002

I think it's due to the discomfort this experience is causing me that I'm strangely really craving some skiing. Sure you can get very sunburnt on the slopes too but at least one is fairly well covered all over. And yes, severe sunburn is preferable to a broken leg, but I've really missed storming down a piste and frequently crashing in a similar manner to that almost gymnastic moment in the 19...

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Countdown's Numbers Game 30 Jul 2002

Just finished writing a little java applet mimicking Countdown's Numbers Game. I absolutely hate Countdown and can't stand Richard Whiteley but still, the Numbers Game can sometimes be challenging... Pretend to be Carol Vorderman and have a go...

Countdown Numbers Game