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Pitching for funding 30 Oct 2009

Submitted today the WhatBus.com idea to GeoVation, who are offering funding up to £21K. Development on the site, in particular a mobile application, is paused right now so that money would certainly help!

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Online world country quiz 16 Mar 2008

Below is a famous CNN gaff showing Switzerland after it had apparently invaded the Czech Republic. Would you have spotted it? Here's an interactive world country quiz that tests your knowledge of world geography.

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Online world geography quiz 08 Apr 2007

My ignorance when it comes to geography is truly shocking and I've been meaning to do something about it. So, here's a little world geography quiz Google Maps mashup I've whipped up using the Google Maps API. Hopefully you'll learn a few things with it! I'd certainly never heard of the tiny island nation of Pitcairn before today...

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UK Geography Quiz 18 Sep 2002

Update: I have since made a World Geography Quiz which you might be interested in.

Take the quiz on UK geography. I only got three right... and two of those where guessed! Wasn't brought up in this country...

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