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Muting self-checkout machines 31 Aug 2010

Made a great discovery the other day. When at those annoying self-checkout counters you find in Sainsbury's or Tesco's, if you press the volume button so that it goes to max and then once more, the thing is muted. Bliss!

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Summer heat 10 Jul 2010

Life hack for the summer heat - When at the supermarket, get your wine / beer first and go pack it in with the frozen peas. Then do your shop and collect your chilled beverage before check out :)


Google search by date indexed 18 Feb 2008

There are still some searches for which Google isn't too brilliant. For example, you can't search for certain special characters and you can't look for files by filesize. However, there is a fantastic new improvement - you can now find pages by the date they were added to the Google index. This is very useful because sometimes it's hard to tell when a page was written - not all pages are like p...

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Premium rate numbers 08 Jan 2008

Don't ring them! Instead take a quick look at SayNoTo0870.com and find an alternative number with which to call that company.

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Top tip for UK iTunes users 27 Sep 2007

There's an offer available from the iTunes site until 28 September - send a text message and you receive a voucher code for a free track from online music store iTunes, which normally cost 79p or 99p.

How? Text one of the following words - ROCK, POP, LIVE, or ITUNES to 85100, and you'll get a message back with a code. Log into the iTunes store, go to buy a music track and you'll have the option ...

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How to cure a sore throat 21 Mar 2007

I'm not a doctor, so I'm not sure if I believe it, but this guy claims that gargling with cayenne powder instantly heals a sore thoat. Worth a try I suppose!

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What is RSS? 26 Feb 2007

Really Simple Syndication is a web feed format that, similar to a normal webpage starts with "http://" but is an xml file . By subscribing to a website's RSS feed , you don't have to be constantly going to your favourite sites checking for new content. Instead the reader checks the feed for you and when it finds new content, it presents it to you. There are also certain benefits - the content i...

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12 Books That Changed The World 19 Feb 2007

***Discount books***

Hmmm... I think I'm going to give this post the tag of "hack" as I'm recommending a book about 12 books. Isn't that efficient?

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Mine's a Peroni. Chilled, not warm 20 Dec 2006

It's almost time for that New Year's house party and if you're hosting, an important task is to chill the bottles of white wine and cans of beer that guests bring with them. So, how to chill drinks quickly? Don't put them in the fridge/freezer!

  1. Get a bucket or tub
  2. Put ice in the bucket
  3. Add tap water so that the contents are submerged
  4. . Put salt in there too
  5. Put in the bottles and cans as they arrive...

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Learn the piano hack 24 Sep 2006

Now I don't really read music, but I do enjoy being able to reel off a thing or two on the piano, sort of Bill-Murray-in-Groundhog-Day style . It's hard work... at least for me. So for a while now I've been thinking of adding to my list of homebrew projects a piece of software that could take midi files of piano pieces and highlight the piano keys being played on a keyboard during playback. It ...

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Bypass automated phone answering services 07 Jun 2006

Another real world hack -- how to bypass the "please leave a message after the beep" message.

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Real World Hacks 27 Nov 2005

Did you know that in most elevators, if you press "close door" and the floor you want to go to at the same time, all floors in between will be bypassed? Also that pressing "0" or "00" on most automated phone systems is a shortcut that gets you through to a real person? Even the human body has some useful cheats! If you know of a handy hack please write it in the comments.