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Fifty ways to save money online 10 Oct 2008

The Guardian newspaper posted an excellent article yesterday on "Fifty ways to save money online" in which PriceCutReview.com was mentioned as the 5th tip. Thanks!

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Beat the credit crunch 09 Aug 2008

Channel 4 mentioned PriceCutReview.com in their 25 Ways To Beat The Credit Crunch . Thanks guys!

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Half price books 15 Mar 2008

The discount books section of PriceCutReview.com is now online! They're not just clearance titles either...

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Press attention 17 Feb 2008

On Friday, Price Cut Review got a mention on consumer site Fool.co.uk in an article about discount deals and how to find them. Thanks guys!

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Webuser magazine 18 Jan 2008

PriceCutReview.com got a mention in this fortnight's Webuser Magazine, who claim to be the UK's best-selling internet magazine. There's a feature article titled "Save Money Online" and we're tip number 39 of 60. They certainly know what they're talking about. Thanks guys!

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Mashup of the Day! 18 Sep 2007

PriceCutReview.com got awarded Mashup of the Day today at ProgrammableWeb.com. Thanks a lot!

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Discount Music and DVDs 31 Aug 2007

New sections showing listings of music CDs and DVDs available for purchase at half price or less have been added to PriceCutReview.com. There are even some very new releases!

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Rip Off Britain! 04 Aug 2007

Long have UK consumers felt that products cost more in their shops than in those of certain members of the EU and United States. Is this feeling well founded? Well, using some data provided by PriceCutReview.com, I've matched up 8000+ identical products, taken off VAT for the UK items and applied an exchange rate of two dollars to the pound. The results are quite startling - it really is Rip Of...

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More press for Price Cut Review 30 Jul 2007

Last week the finance site Motley Fool featured an article on Money-Saving Shopping Tips that had Price Cut Review up as the number one tip! Earlier in the year the UK sister site also gave us a plug. So thanks a lot!

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Discount shopping in Germany and France 23 Jul 2007

PriceCutReview.com has now got two new sections. Bargains that can be found on Amazon Germany and Amazon France are now being listed!

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Discount shopping made even easier 21 Jun 2007

A live feed of the new products found by Price Cut Review is now up and running. There is a UK version too although it should be noted that the US one has many more items and is therefore updated more frequently.

This feature is quite similar to Live Web Stats, which is offered here at Nimisis.com, in that it uses Ajax and allows you to see what's going on in real time. Currently the live produ...

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Price Cut Review 26 May 2007

Today sees the launch of PriceCutReview.com, the new incarnation of Half Price Bargains, which was here on Nimisis as a kind of beta for the last couple of months.

Thanks for all the feedback and fantastic support! Much has been improved, particularly with the searching functionality, so hopefully finding a deal on Amazon will become that much easier!

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Better navigation 02 May 2007

The menus on both the US and UK sections of Half Price Bargains have been changed. They're more generic on the whole and have further sub categories at the top of most pages. Hopefully it makes navigating around the site a bit easier!

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Everything half price! 28 Mar 2007

Update: This idea has now become a website in its own right at PriceCutReview.com.

Amazon had a sale recently which has now ended sadly, but it got me thinking. Everyone likes a sale, so why not try to find the products on Amazon that are going for a heavy discount? That's exactly what "Half Price Bargains" does. I'm unveiling it today so grab yourself a deal!

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