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How to prevent eye strain and RSI 08 Nov 2007

If you spend a lot of the time in front of a computer screen, you might appreciate a little piece of software called WorkRave. It's a free, timer-based app that works out when you need to take a break and also suggests exercises you can do to reduce any eye/muscle strain and generally relax a bit!

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Home birth safety 26 Sep 2007

The midwife is stuck in traffic! Here's a recording of a 999 call made by a very calm man at home with his wife who is about to give birth. (Is it me or does the woman on the phone sound a bit like Big Brother's Jade Goody?

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How to cure a sore throat 21 Mar 2007

I'm not a doctor, so I'm not sure if I believe it, but this guy claims that gargling with cayenne powder instantly heals a sore thoat. Worth a try I suppose!

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Drinking tea is good for you 15 Feb 2007

This really cheeses me off! For ages now I've made a conscious effort not to drink tea thinking water was better for me... I've been conned!


Always Coca-Cola 15 Dec 2006

The mega marketing machine that is the Coca-Cola advertising department always goes into overdrive at Christmas. People drink it, and that's great... Until perhaps they find out what Coke actually does to the human body.

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