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Martin vs car 25 Mar 2007

A little while ago my colleague Martin through no fault of his own got run over by a car, well, got run under and hit more like. Both came off pretty badly in the accident, a head injury and a smashed windscreen. The photographic evidence is below and inset is a close-up of a clump of hair the windscreen took off him. Anyway, the reckless driver's going to court and a claim should result. Marti...

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Jonny Wilkinson's Injuries 29 Jan 2007

Saturday will see JW in his first England match since the World Cup final in 2003! Below is a list of the injuries that has caused his long absence. Stay well Jonny!

  • Nov 2003 - Fractures a facet in his shoulder on the way to World Cup win
  • Dec - Suffers a recurrence of his shoulder injury
  • Feb 2004 - Sees a specialist who says he needs an operation on his shoulder
  • Oct - Ruled out for up to six weeks ...

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Eye Injuries 20 Jun 2002

"You have a dirty great big scratch on your cornea" was the verdict by the doctor after 5 hours of waiting in A&E tonight. I did it by jumping over a fence and into the spread branches of a tree. Branch vs Dave and Branch won. Foolish, but apparently my contact lens saved further damage so I think I can count myself lucky.

Waiting for 5 hours is enough to cheese anyone off but having to wait 5 ...

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