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Wiping the floor at 2012 25 Mar 2011

Noticed an advert yesterday for jobs at the London Olympics next year. Haven't bought any tickets yet but the thought occcured to me that being a floor mopper at the volleyball would be ideal as it'd mean court-side seats to lots of games. Question now is, how do I tailer my CV to get this gig? "Plentiful cleaning experience", "I don't perspire", "My Reeboks don't scuff the floor"...

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New year's resolution #1 31 Dec 2002

I have 70.96% more of this work day left and then I can go home. An Austin Powers dvd has already been put on by one of the guys, solitaire is everpresent on the computer screens and I've been listening in to my neighbour's domestic over the phone. How foolish was I to turn up a tortuous ten minutes early today... I've done next to nothing. It's a toss-up between asking for some work and being ...

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