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Lego factory 24 Feb 2007

You can now design your own Lego inventions, get it manufactured and then buy the box with instructions with Lego factory. I was thinking about this when I made my recent video as what was carrying the webcam was a Lego Mindstorms robot... but if someone really wants the design then get in touch !


Ice Melting time lapse movie 16 Feb 2007

I made this video a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps partly inspired by the Planet Earth series that's been on TV recently I thought it would be interesting to move the camera during the creation process. I did this by making a simple Lego Mindstorms robot and strapping the webcam to the back of it as it moved about a millimetre every fifteen seconds. By no means the most interesting vid but I thin...

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(no subject) 26 Oct 2004

Lego robot plays Super Mario Bros... and wins

Lego, Super Mario

(no subject) 17 Aug 2004

More Lego instruction books than you can shake a stick at!


(no subject) 24 Dec 2002

Everyone seems to be out on the streets desperately buying Christmas presents today. Talk about leaving it to the last minute! It isn't hard to get something really cool though. How about a Buzz Lightyear? Or a Go-ped? Or some Lego .

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(no subject) 17 Nov 2002

Continuing my fascination with lego, here are a few more brilliant lego websites.


(no subject) 01 Oct 2002

Presenting the largest Lego set of all time, measuring 37" by 23", comprising 3104 pieces and included with it its own display stand, I give you - the Imperial Star Destroyer. How am I going to resist buying it?
Update! - And on the same theme here's a site for lego mechs.

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