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Engadin ski marathon 2008 01 Mar 2008

Been training for the last couple of months now and the day is fast approaching when I'll be hauling myself around some snowy part of Switzerland with a few thousand other blokes with skis for 26.2 miles. No, it is NOT downhill. Search on YouTube if you'd like to see what it's all about. Will report back when I return in a week and a bit!

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Flora London Marathon 16 Apr 2007

I was pretty tired after last year's London Marathon. I didn't run in it, but I did do some exercise that day :) Anyway... this Sunday is when it comes around again. It's always great to have a lie-in, wake up, flick on the TV and see lots of people sweating it out. Good on them! There are lots of people running for some great causes.

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24: Day 5 Marathon 10 Sep 2006

A seemingly ridiculous way to spend a sun drenched saturday is to get up at 6:30am and go to watch an entire season of the TV series "24". Without adverts this takes up about 18 hours but no, it's worth it, well worth it. Eye strain, dead butt-cheeks and DVT are a small price to pay to witness Jack Bauer, the anti-terrorist, come up with lines like, "the only reason you're conscious right now i...

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Rejection 09 Dec 2002

My marathon aspirations have taken a slight hit today in that my application has been rejected. Oh well, nevermind. I was really quite gutted, then I had a sudden revelation, and it went a little something like this -

"Actually, sod marathon running! What sort of personality-less loser runs for their dose of exercise anyway? Forrest Gump springs to mind. Okay, so he came good, but is it a sport?...


Observations of a Marathon Runner 01 Dec 2002

1) Geese attack you
2) Whereas most people "hit the wall" after about 15-20 miles, I hit it at about the 2 mile mark...
3) Athlete's Foot, Tennis Elbow and Housemaid's Knee are nothing compared to "Jogger's Nipple." That'll teach me for running in a shirt with a logo on it!

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Marathon Training 16 Nov 2002

Help, I've just come back from a 50 minute run and I'm gonna die. It feels good though. I took my walkman with me because I think it helps me not to walk all of it. I went right through Regent's Park, up Primrose Hill, then round the west side of the park and back home.

Going up Primrose Hill was definitely the hardest part. On came "No Woman No Cry" about half way down the Regent's Park Broadw...

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(no subject) 15 Nov 2002

Got some new running shoes yesterday so training for the marathon can begin!

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(no subject) 19 Oct 2002

Still haven't done any sort of training for the London Marathon... I need to have "The Fear." Besides, my application will probably get rejected and well, some people take training just far too seriously!

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Me, A Marathon Runner 08 Oct 2002

Am I going mad? I'm going to apply to be in the London marathon! Think it'll be a good laugh actually, and a good reason to keep fit. Am definitely starting to look a bit lardy and harpoonable. To confirm that I'm losing my marbles I decided to go along with J's suggestion and went for supper at an Afghan restaurant tonight. There was even what I reckon was a picture of the Tora Bora cave compl...

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