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Facebook Connect comments widget 25 Feb 2009

All blog post comments here at Nimisis.com are now being done through Facebook. It was actually very easy to set up - only a few lines of code. More info on how to do this on your own blog is available from the Facebook developers section.

Looking forward to your comments!

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Question Bank 24 Feb 2009

Made a new mashup today called Question Bank. It uses the Yahoo Answers API to present the latest questions being asked there in an auto-updating feed. Some popular categories are sports, computers & internet and travel.

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Mapping free wireless internet hotspots 27 Aug 2008

A new website is now available for those who want to find free wifi hotspots for surfing the internet on a laptop when away from home.

The site's called Wifi-o-maniac and uses Google Maps to chart hotspot locations. You can even add your own that are not already in the database.

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Twitter Watch 2 15 Jun 2008

A new version of Twitter Watch is out. The main improvement on the original is that the live feed of tweets can now be translated into a selection of languages. There are a lot of Twitter users who don't write in English!

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Another Mashup of the Day! 29 Apr 2008

Got awarded a second Mashup of the Day by ProgrammableWeb.com, this time for Twitter Watch. We would like to thank...

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Twitter watch 23 Apr 2008

Finally got the chance to try out Twitter recently and I can see why some people find it addictive! Useful too... a story made the news last week about someone managing to alert his friends and family after getting wrongfully arrested.

Anyway, I like sites that have an api for users to make their own mashups so I've made Twitter Watch. It came up with some interesting stuff - like there being a...

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Online world country quiz 16 Mar 2008

Below is a famous CNN gaff showing Switzerland after it had apparently invaded the Czech Republic. Would you have spotted it? Here's an interactive world country quiz that tests your knowledge of world geography.

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Mashup of the Day! 18 Sep 2007

PriceCutReview.com got awarded Mashup of the Day today at ProgrammableWeb.com. Thanks a lot!

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Two degrees 06 Aug 2007

You know Facebook is getting popular when your dad joins up...

I've made a web app that uses the Facebook API to find friends that aren't on your list but should be. It's called "Two Degrees" because of the Six Degrees of Separation idea.

Two degrees uses Ajax and has been tested on Firefox2 and IE7. If your browser has an anti-phishing filter then it will take slightly longer before you see the ...

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Online world geography quiz 08 Apr 2007

My ignorance when it comes to geography is truly shocking and I've been meaning to do something about it. So, here's a little world geography quiz Google Maps mashup I've whipped up using the Google Maps API. Hopefully you'll learn a few things with it! I'd certainly never heard of the tiny island nation of Pitcairn before today...

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