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Free HMRC workshops 25 Sep 2008

Few people seem to know that HM Revenue & Customs offer free workshops around the UK on various subjects to do with tax, employment and other money matters. Here's a list of what they offer. From personal experience I can say that they're very good! For example, those who are self-employed and about to do self-assessment tax returns might benefit from checking out the relevant workshop before t...

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Cheaper train tickets 16 Apr 2008

theTrainLine.com wasn't always like this but I noticed the difference having had to book various tickets recently. I know Exponent Private Equity acquired them in July 2006 for £168 million. Sounds a bit pricey to me - maybe that's the reason for this behaviour? Don't let them get away with it!

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Online tax deadline today 31 Jan 2008

More than 150000 people filed their tax returns on deadline day last year. Looks like it's a similar story this time round - the website is "temporarily unavailable". So perhaps it's a good time to review some of the common errors made on self-assessment forms:

Common errors:

  • Failure to complete a separate supplementary page for each individual employment.
  • Entering employee personal pension premiu...

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Make money from taking photos 01 May 2007

Rate yourself as a bit of a photographer and want some extra pocket money? You don't have to be a pro and work for a newspaper anymore. A couple of sites accept photos from Joe Public and will sell them for you for a fee. Check out iStockPhoto and CitizenImage.

iStockPhoto is the bigger of the two. My application is still being processed. This involves a little test to check that you've learnt ...

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Claim back bank and credit card charges 26 Mar 2007

Late fees and penalty charges are unfair and illegal so there's been a mad dash recently to claim back six year's worth of money from the bank. Some sites are profiteering a bit by saying they'll do it for you for a commission but there's no need! Step by step instructions including template letter you can print out are here. The best thing is it's almost guaranteed you'll get all your money ba...

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