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Home Information Packs 01 Aug 2007

From today, every property in England and Wales with four or more bedrooms must include a Home Information Pack when it is put up for sale. Included are documents such as a sale statement and Energy Performance Certificate.

There must be some conflict-of-interest issues in getting sellers to provide honest HIPs. Is this unnecessary and costly bureaucracy? Time will tell, especially as smaller h...

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ID fraud 02 Nov 2006

There's a good article on the BBC website today about how ID thieves have moved on from just raiding your rubbish to find personal info to finding your digital ID online. One of the services it links to is Garlik and is supposed to be able to find any places where your private data is listed publicly.

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Economics with Dave 23 Oct 2004

I have an unoriginal theory - there's going to be a housing crash pretty soon. It makes sense. If you imagine homes in England to be like loaves of bread at the supermarket, when all the cheap bread's gone, everyone who can afford it is forced to buy the expensive stuff. Those who can't wait for a new supply to come in. Then if the new supply is inadequate there has to be a price drop.

Look's to...

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(no subject) 31 May 2003

I'd need to rob a bank to be able to afford to buy a house here in Surrey but with this online mortgage calculator I've made I'll at least be able to see how big a bank it has to be!

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