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Remove vocals from songs 18 Sep 2008

"Only in Dreams" by Weezer is a terrific song, until about 52 seconds into it when the vocals come in. Unfortunately acoustic versions only seem to exist as low quality YouTube videos. However, the good news is that there's some free software called Wavosaur that will take an mp3 and do the required filtering. It's not perfect - some bass is lost and muted voices can still be heard, but at leas...

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Top tip for UK iTunes users 27 Sep 2007

There's an offer available from the iTunes site until 28 September - send a text message and you receive a voucher code for a free track from online music store iTunes, which normally cost 79p or 99p.

How? Text one of the following words - ROCK, POP, LIVE, or ITUNES to 85100, and you'll get a message back with a code. Log into the iTunes store, go to buy a music track and you'll have the option ...

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Discount Music and DVDs 31 Aug 2007

New sections showing listings of music CDs and DVDs available for purchase at half price or less have been added to PriceCutReview.com. There are even some very new releases!

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Discover music 27 Apr 2007

Need an online radio station that streams full length songs suited to your taste in music? Try Musicovery.

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Tone deaf? 12 Nov 2006

Take the musical abilities test to find out how well you can tell the difference between pairs of musical phrases.

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How to animate music 14 Sep 2006

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Blogmusik 11 Sep 2006

A little while ago I mentioned how great Pandora was for listening to music. Well, it is great, but it's got some competition from Blogmusik, where you can have the track you want streamed to you on request. Sweeeeeet!

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Pandora 13 Aug 2006

Listen to streamed music that is customised to suit you! Pandora asks what songs you like then introduces similar music by different artists. Then by rating new songs, you can train their algorithm to make better introductions. It's like the best radio station ever.

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(no subject) 13 May 2004

On the look out for music you like? Here's a good place to start.

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