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Church iPhone apps 29 Oct 2010

The new iPhone app for St Helen's Bishopsgate is now out! If you want a version for your church, have a look at this document which contains details of what I need from you in order to make it. Do get in touch!

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TheJesusComic 09 Dec 2009

TheJesusComic has been added to the App Store! This was an idea originally thought up by Jason Ramasami which I have been helping turn into an iPhone app. More info here.

If you have an iPhone and download it, let us know via Twitter what you think!

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Internet tethering with iPhone for O2 UK 08 May 2009

With iPhone OS 3 you can tether your phone to a laptop and access the internet via 3G! This is all legal and above board. For O2 Pay and Go users based in UK, you just need a file called o2_uk.ipcc. Download it, then email it to yourself and open the attachment with your iPhone. Restart and go to settings, general, network, and enable internet tethering. When you connect to your laptop via usb ...


Download Skype for iPhone 31 Mar 2009

It's finally here! iPhone Skype is now available to download. It worked well earlier, although a couple of times there was no sound... There's no video conferencing yet and some other features are missing, but nevertheless it's good to have.

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iScrollr iPhone app 13 Jan 2009

iScrollr is an iPhone / iTouch application that lets you display a scrolling message. The text is large, can be displayed in a variety of colours and backgrounds. There are nine messages that can be preset and the ticker speed can also be adjusted.

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Top 5 iPhone apps 20 Dec 2008

Here's my list of essential iPhone apps.

  • Shakespeare: The complete works of William Shakespeare
  • TapDefense: An addictive game that's also very hard
  • Truphone: Make even your iPod Touch a phone via VOIP
  • iScrollr: Display scrolling text to communicate across a crowded area
  • TubeStatus: Get updates of any underground delays. Versions in other cities also available


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Sync Google Calendar with iPhone 08 Dec 2008

Here's the utility many mac users have been wanting for a while - something that'll sync iCal with Google Calendar. With that working you can automatically have the new iCal appointments synchronised with your iPhone. How cool is that?!


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iPhone app beta testers 10 Nov 2008

Calling all Apple iPhone / iTouch owners! If you're interested in getting future Nimisis iPhone apps for free , join our team of beta testing ninjas. All you have to do is send us your Device ID, email address and we'll do the rest.

If you have an app you'd like to share with us, use the ID 6715674f06574fac55b08daec39b9c43c3e1980a and email to "iphonedev" at the domain here. Thanks!

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Android G1 emulator 15 Oct 2008

For those wanting a better idea of what it'd be like to own one of HTC's new Google Android G1 phones, here's an emulator.

How does it compare to the Apple iPhone?

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iPhone vs G1 07 Oct 2008

Further to a previous post, it looks like Android does still have downsides. Unlike the iPhone there is no PAYG yet, and the headphone jack is non-standard. It also looks like they're going to do the usual thing of ripping off UK customers by charging them a contract rate of £40 per month .

No answers yet on whether they can differentiate themselves by allowing users access to the internet from ...

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T-Mobile G1 and Android market 23 Sep 2008

Details of Google's answer to Apple's iPhone, the G1, are emerging. Sounds like its camera will be 3MP and will also include a compass. Nothing to rave about yet but the price sounds like it could be reasonable too at around $200. No decision's been made yet but I'm glad I resisted and didn't buy the iPhone the other day! Android market will also surely be more open than the App Store... The ma...

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Premium rate numbers 08 Jan 2008

Don't ring them! Instead take a quick look at SayNoTo0870.com and find an alternative number with which to call that company.

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Apple iPhone already on sale in UK! 01 Oct 2007

Amazon sent me an email today saying that they had iPhones for sale already. Wasn't going to launch my in stock checker until the release date but I had a look and, indeed, Prizeflex Ltd claim to be selling them! Bit too expensive for me though...

The official release date is in early November and the price for the 8GB model is £269. So if you want an iPhone but are willing to wait a little whi...


Apple iPhone in stock checker 05 Jun 2007

Similar to the one I did for the Nintendo Wii , I've set up an email notification service for folk gagging to get their hands on the soon-to-be-released Apple iPhone. When there are iPhones in the shops, you'll receive an alert via email. Sign up now!

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Bypass automated phone answering services 07 Jun 2006

Another real world hack -- how to bypass the "please leave a message after the beep" message.

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(no subject) 13 Sep 2002

My mobile phone is packing up. I've got to get a new one, preferably one with those mp3 ring tones instead of the tinny bleepy ones. One of the guys in the office has the sound of cows mooing. The newer phones seem to emit less radiation too, so if I can't afford a newer model I guess I may have to get some of these anti-radiation pants!

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