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Unhappy Windies 18 May 2007

Going up to Lords on Sunday for day 4 versus the West Indies at Lord's . I'm hoping I won't see anything like this famous moment in cricket history, though it probably reflects quite accurately the current mood in the West Indian dressing room.

It's from the Dunedin match during the 1979-80 tour of New Zealand by West Indies depicting Michael Holding's discontent at an umpiring decision. Photo ...

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Make money from taking photos 01 May 2007

Rate yourself as a bit of a photographer and want some extra pocket money? You don't have to be a pro and work for a newspaper anymore. A couple of sites accept photos from Joe Public and will sell them for you for a fee. Check out iStockPhoto and CitizenImage.

iStockPhoto is the bigger of the two. My application is still being processed. This involves a little test to check that you've learnt ...

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How to take great photos 14 Apr 2007

I've made a little slideshow that watches the latest uploaded photos on Flickr. Hopefully might be useful for picking up some tips!

If you already rate yourself as a bit of a photographer, why not try and earn some extra pocket money with those pics?

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Island in the Sun 12 Mar 2007

This is what could happen if you refuse compensation to move. Guess it could be difficult to sell this house... despite its scenic views, potential moat and central location...

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Take long exposure photos with a webcam 22 Dec 2006

Version 2 of Webcam Exposure is out! Improvements include support for high definition cameras and some minor bug fixes from version 1.

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Picasa 06 Dec 2006

Recently tried out Google's photo organisation app, Picasa and I've got to say that I'm impressed. Some old school photos in the depths of my hard drive were found which I'm sure I would've lost otherwise. If this grabs you, take the tour via the banner below.

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Surfing in Devon 19 Sep 2006

"Everybody's goin' surfin', surfin' USA in Devon..."Went surfing at Woolacombe beach over the weekend and found it to be every bit as good as in Hawaii. In fact, the waves were better - colder, but with a wetsuit on you couldn't feel it. I highly recommend it!

Photos are here.

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Visual search engines 17 Aug 2006

Came across Riya recently which puts an interesting spin on the still fairly new wave of photo management websites. Riya can analyse the photos you give it using face detection and can guess very accurately who the people are in your photos . It can also do character recognition to spot signs and logos. Very clever!

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Around the world in 28 days 04 Aug 2006

Here are the photos!


Burgundy 27 Jul 2005

Burgundy is a great place for a holiday. Check it out.

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When I'm 64 65 24 Apr 2005

Upload a picture of yourself here and it'll transform it to show you what you'll look like 40 years from now! Scary.

Another related site is faceanalyzer.com. These guys worked out that I was an arab girl with below average intelligence... Actually I get that a lot. One of my uncles said once he thought I looked quite middle eastern...


Aloha! 12 Sep 2004

Despite a slightly stressful transit in Houston, where a sprint to literally the furthest gate in the airport was required to make the connection, Hawaii was great! What with all the surfing, beach volleyball and snorkelling you can't go wrong. Photos are here.

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Happy New Year! 06 Jan 2004

Seeing as Princess Diana is making a come back I guess I should too. Here are some photos from our James Bond themed company Christmas party! In case you were wondering, those things at the end of my arms are my metal hands, because OBVIOUSLY I'm Dr No... well, I alternated between him and Michael Jackson from time to time...

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Security checks 09 Mar 2003

too. It's great the way they make out you're actually going on a real aeroplane, checking in etc. Mind you they did do a security check and everything, and each capsule was scanned by people with metal detectors before people can get on. The check on my bag wasn't very thorough. Maybe they're just looking for people who look a bit like this guy .

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(no subject) 15 Dec 2002

Here are some nice photos of Kenting on the south coast of Taiwan. Go if you ever get the chance!

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Shooting My Colleagues 13 Oct 2002

Went paintballing with the firm yesterday, supposedly as a bonding exercise but who am I kidding - we were shooting each other. The Mayhem paintball complex was like an Al-Quaeda training camp. There were about 200 people including our party of 20, all in camouflage with masks. The mask is needed to prevent paintballs from blinding you but I found that it also helped preserve some anonymity whe...

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St. Matthew's Day 19 Sep 2002

St. Matthew's day is on the 21st and the reason I mention this is because it is a tradition of my old school to march through the City of London every year on St. Matthew's day . Lead by the school band we all group according to our boarding houses, and march past bewildered pedestrians , avoid the evidence of the presence of mounted police and go to see the Lord Mayor. It's all good fun :)

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Rob and Sarah's Wedding 08 Sep 2002

Rob and Sarah got married at StAG in Cambridge yesterday. It was fantastic. Rob looked like the most chuffed bloke on the planet and Sarah looked very pretty indeed. The wedding, reception, speeches, ceilidh and food were all brilliant... but maybe not some people's dancing... Anyway, many congratulations! The photos are here.

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SpaceWeather.com 07 Aug 2002

The other thing I'm looking forward to in Taiwan is the weather. I'm currently sitting through my third afternoon in a row of heavy rainfall. Here's something related; SpaceWeather.com - Get the weather forecast for Venus tomorrow. Not practical but some impressive photos.

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