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Get podcast transcripts 14 Nov 2007

I discovered the other day that my friend Tom from uni days has set up PodsinPrint.com and I want to give it a plug here. The idea is based around transcribing popular podcasts so that its listeners can read and search through the text - a bit easier than searching through the audio! The subscription fee is very reasonable and the creators of the podcast get royalties. What a great idea!


Learn a foreign language 25 May 2007

Podcasts now exist which aim to help you learn a foreign language. Podcasting has been around for a while now and it's something that has been popular in countries all over the world. Here's a page with a useful list of language learning podcasts. Best of all they're free!

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Audio search 22 Mar 2007

I find that quite often the best and most useful information is not written down, but passed on by word of mouth. With the advent of podcasts it would of course be good to be able to search through those too. Well, Podzinger does just that. With some voice recognition technology, you can search in their database of audio and the results show how far into the media the word you're looking for tu...

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Download a free education 08 Feb 2007

This site is packed with links to video lectures and podcasts on all sorts of subjects and is well worth checking out!

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