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Obama inauguration 20 Jan 2009

The big day's arrived and as expected there's a lot of hype. But it is interesting to read up on some of the details and also see the list of previous inaugurations. Pretty sure the security has never been this tight though!

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Who will win Super Tuesday? 05 Feb 2008

More predictions... I realise that my crystal ball got it wrong for the Superbowl, but hey, what a great game and I'm glad about the result!

So, Clinton vs Obama and McCain vs Romney. It's going to be a hard one to call. Most of my interest in American politics has come from watching the West Wing, so I'm no expert, but surely McCain will win outright and get the Republican nomination. I expect...

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Nigel Griffiths quits over Trident 12 Mar 2007

Ironically here is a man who is eminently electable. Hope he gets to cast his vote before leaving parliament. Either way, he deserves lots of respect, especially as Trident's rubbish.

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