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Online world geography quiz 08 Apr 2007

My ignorance when it comes to geography is truly shocking and I've been meaning to do something about it. So, here's a little world geography quiz Google Maps mashup I've whipped up using the Google Maps API. Hopefully you'll learn a few things with it! I'd certainly never heard of the tiny island nation of Pitcairn before today...

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Everything half price! 28 Mar 2007

Update: This idea has now become a website in its own right at PriceCutReview.com.

Amazon had a sale recently which has now ended sadly, but it got me thinking. Everyone likes a sale, so why not try to find the products on Amazon that are going for a heavy discount? That's exactly what "Half Price Bargains" does. I'm unveiling it today so grab yourself a deal!

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Countdown conundrum 29 Dec 2006

For those puzzle fans out there, I've added a new one. This page shows you a jumbled 9 letter word which you have to solve in thirty seconds, just like in the final round of every Countdown on Channel 4.

Countdown, conundrum, puzzle, project

Ripper v1.0 out now! 03 Dec 2006

Ripper is an application that periodically grabs online images to create timelapse movies. Pictures are ripped off a specified website every few seconds, minutes or hours , then they are merged together as frames in a time-lapse video. Some cool effects can be achieved this way.

For more details see this page.

Ripper, software, time lapse, project

Mugshot 2.0 is out! 30 Oct 2006

A new version of Mugshot is available for download from this page. A few bugs have been fixed and the resolution of captured photos has been improved.

Mugshot, burglar, webcam, project

Out now! Webcam Flix version 2 31 Aug 2006

Following the success of Flix 1.0 , version 2 is now ready for download to make your time lapse webcam videos even better. New features include capture resolution of 640x480 and ability to use in conjuction with Windows Task Scheduler to capture frames at, say, 10am every morning.

webcam, Flix, time lapse, project

Webcam Exposure 01 May 2006

This is just an entry for users of my digital long exposure application Webcam Exposure to leave feedback, make comments on what they'd like to see in the next version and report any bugs they come across.

long exposure, webcam, project

Webcam Flix 01 May 2006

This is just an entry for users of my time lapse application Webcam Flix to leave feedback, make comments on what they'd like to see in the next version and report any bugs they come across.

webcam, Flix, time lapse, project

Warp 1.0 Out Now! 24 Oct 2005

Last week I made a little image warping application called "Warp" that will be available for download from download.com. There's a page about it here.

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Mugshot 03 Apr 2005

Mugshot is a home security application I've written that uses a digital camera or webcam to detect motion in your home. If an intruder, burglar or even nosy housemate is seen, a snapshot is taken and emailed to you. So, should the thief steal your PC or laptop computer, you can still take the pictures of the perpetrator to the police for identification and provide evidence of the crime to autho...

Mugshot, webcam, burglar, project