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Beating the Bookies by Ruslan 01 Mar 2008

was a great one! Most enjoyable. I was going to save it for the flight tomorrow but just got stuck into it! Shown on the right is what I came up with.

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Countdown conundrum 29 Dec 2006

For those puzzle fans out there, I've added a new one. This page shows you a jumbled 9 letter word which you have to solve in thirty seconds, just like in the final round of every Countdown on Channel 4.

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(no subject) 18 Oct 2006

This is the latest Wei-Hwa puzzle:

What is next in this sequence?
15, 16, 17, 21, 23, 30, 33, 120, ?

The answer's in the comments.

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Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenges #3 10 Jun 2006

Here's a puzzle based on Erich Friedman's "Distance," from the 2003 Google U.S. Puzzle Championship. Label 14 of the circles above with different numbers from 1 to 14, such that the distance between 1 and 2 is less than the distance between 2 and 3, and so on. Four circles should remain empty.

Note that this image is not part of the solution but just an example.

See comments for solution.

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Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenges #2 04 Jun 2006

If a tree falls in the woods because of a wound, then what little object will not hear the sound?

A Why Me Rhyme is a pair of words that look like they should rhyme , but don't really. For example, depending on the colorist, Etrigan could be considered a lemon demon. See if you can figure out these twelve Why Me Rhymes from their descriptions:

What is heard when your little girl is having fun
A di...

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Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenges 28 May 2006

Those with a Google homepage may have noticed a section called "Wei-Hwa's Puzzle Challenges." The first came out on Friday:

Using the numbers 3, 3, 8, 8 , make a mathematical expression that equals 24. You can use only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division , but in any order you wish. Note that you have to use all four numbers; otherwise 3 times 8 would be valid -- and that wouldn'...

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Google Da Vinci Code Quest 13 Apr 2006

Google is starting a "quest" inspired by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code and is going to offer more than ten thousand prizes. The puzzles will be publish daily on Google Personalized Homepage. "Beginning on April 17th you will embark on a quest that requires skill, intellect, and perseverance. For 24 days, you will encounter unique challenges." Click here for details on The Google Da Vinci Code Q...

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