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Invictus. Good film, bad poetry! 12 Feb 2010

The 1995 Rugby World Cup Final is one of my favourite sporting moments. Mainly because Francois Pienaar, in the midst of the glory of winning, gets down on his knees to thank God. He also then leads the team in prayer. The film did actually portray this, but here's a clip of the actual event.

In complete contrast to this sentiment, the film focuses on William Ernest Henley's poem Invictus. It co...

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Australians all hate England 06 Oct 2007

This is what Australian Rugby Union chief executive John O'Neill said ahead of today's Rugby World Cup quarter final.

When people say stupid things, I think it's important to work out whether it was out of character. Perhaps in this case the thought of revenge has clouded his judgment. Certainly what winning in sport is all about would be lost on someone who harbours such sentiments. Question i...

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Argentina pummel France at home 08 Sep 2007

The sound of booing from eighty thousand French fans could be heard only eight minutes into the opening game of rugby world cup 2007. It's now the day after and I don't think they've stopped yet.

This tournament was supposed to resurrect some pride in a nation still reeling from sporting failures such as losing the bid to host Olympics 2012 and last year's disappointment in the football world cu...

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Rugby World Cup wallchart 29 Apr 2007

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The Cricket World Cup is over, but there's another one on the horizon - Rugby World Cup 2007. Get your wallchart , check the fixtures and clear your diaries!

***Make time lapse vids with a webcam***

By the way, the creator of this spreadsheet, Aaron Heath, has a whole selection of other wallcharts which can be found on his site.

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Jonny Wilkinson's Injuries 29 Jan 2007

Saturday will see JW in his first England match since the World Cup final in 2003! Below is a list of the injuries that has caused his long absence. Stay well Jonny!

  • Nov 2003 - Fractures a facet in his shoulder on the way to World Cup win
  • Dec - Suffers a recurrence of his shoulder injury
  • Feb 2004 - Sees a specialist who says he needs an operation on his shoulder
  • Oct - Ruled out for up to six weeks ...

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Six Nations rugby practice 25 Jan 2007

Here are some online rugby games for you to play with to get you in the mood for the upcoming 6 Nations tournament.

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Rugby Sevens World Cup 21 Mar 2005

The Rugby Sevens World Cup in Hong Kong this weekend was awesome. It was nice to see here who Melrose Cup winners the Fijian team credited with their win.

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(no subject) 06 Feb 2005

What's wrong with this photo taken a few hours ago of welsh rugby captain Gareth Thomas? Is it that his jersey says "Brains" on it? Not what I was thinking originally but good guess... no, I'm sure he's very bright... Wales won against England at rugby?! It can't be true!

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Not singing any more 29 Nov 2004

In light of yesterday's performance on the rugby field, I feel the need to put this photo up .


(no subject) 08 Dec 2003

"Any Australians please make your way to the front!" These were the words I saw mouthed by a policeman at the England Rugby team's victory procession through London today. Let's hope the light blues get the same result at Twickenham tomorrow!

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(no subject) 02 Apr 2003

What a result! We gave them a stuffing! It was a Turkey shoot! Okay, okay... no more Turkey jokes. Let's joke about Aussies. I watched the football in an Aussie pub called the Walkabout in Wimbledon and I've never seen so many TVs in one place before. Definitely planning to go back there often, and most definitely when we whip them during the rugby world cup in their own backyard!

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England 53 - 3 South Africa 23 Nov 2002

All I can say is that we deserved it; those South Africans were just too ill-disciplined. That tackle on Jonny Wilkinson was about a month late. Oi, Springboks! Who's yer daddy!?
Bring on the World Cup! Right now you could cut me and I'd bleed rugby...

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England 32 - 31 Australia 16 Nov 2002

Man, that was a good match. I was fraternising with the enemy again like last weekend, shouting at them their team... I couldn't help it, they were so weak! Tell me, was there or was there not an Aussie on the ground injured almost every single time there was a break in play? I mean come on. This isn't schoolboy rugby. But what I love most about the whole thing is the way Wilkinson nowadays jus...

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(no subject) 15 Nov 2002

Got some new running shoes yesterday so training for the marathon can begin!

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(no subject) 07 Nov 2002

Really looking forward to the Rugby match versus the All Blacks on Saturday. We're going to deck them. Just to educate myself I found out what the Haka actually means in English today. Now that I know it's a load of nonsense it's hard to take it seriously! But apparently there is a proper explanation and history to it.

I'm going to watch the match with a bunch of Kiwis which will make victory o...

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