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Macgyver problems 04 Oct 2008

MacGyver was a tv series that many in their 20s and early 30s will remember fondly. I used to look forward to it so much! Admittedly it is very dated compared to say The Wire or The West Wing. But if you also were a fan, check out this inspired Wikipedia article that lists all the MacGyver inventions.

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Awesome car alarm 02 Mar 2007

Speaking yesterday of traffic wardens, I think having this somewhat fearsome Tesla coil car alarm might put a stop to any parking tickets...

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Mine's a Peroni. Chilled, not warm 20 Dec 2006

It's almost time for that New Year's house party and if you're hosting, an important task is to chill the bottles of white wine and cans of beer that guests bring with them. So, how to chill drinks quickly? Don't put them in the fridge/freezer!

  1. Get a bucket or tub
  2. Put ice in the bucket
  3. Add tap water so that the contents are submerged
  4. . Put salt in there too
  5. Put in the bottles and cans as they arrive...

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