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Audio search 22 Mar 2007

I find that quite often the best and most useful information is not written down, but passed on by word of mouth. With the advent of podcasts it would of course be good to be able to search through those too. Well, Podzinger does just that. With some voice recognition technology, you can search in their database of audio and the results show how far into the media the word you're looking for tu...

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Cheap flights search engine 18 Mar 2007

"...searches a huge selection of airlines around the world for the best flights and connections. Find the fastest route, check the latest price, find links to airlines and travel agents."

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Visual search engines 17 Aug 2006

Came across Riya recently which puts an interesting spin on the still fairly new wave of photo management websites. Riya can analyse the photos you give it using face detection and can guess very accurately who the people are in your photos . It can also do character recognition to spot signs and logos. Very clever!

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